Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dream: To find myself

We are all different from each other, unique individuals with different capabilities, different talents, different hopes, and different ideas. We all want that moment when we finally find ourselves, when we finally make a difference. That is my Dream, becoming someone, someone I want to be, and that someone is not a hero, not an outstanding rich entrepreneur, not some kind of artist nor singer, not someone popular, not someone with power, that someone is me. I want to be me.

We all are in the process of finding ourselves. The constant struggles, the road blocks, the wounds, the people who spit upon our faces, people who throw not weapons, not knives, but rather people who throw words, words that hurt the soul, words that pierce through hearts. These are the things that push us down, things that are always and will be left unchecked. You can't wish one day that all of these things to disappear, no, my friend, these are the things that makes you who you are, these are the things that makes you different from others. Remove these things and you won't be able to distinguish yourself from others, remove these things and you'll be forever empty, a person with only a mind to perform operations, to perform orders, a person with no soul. no heart, a person that is empty.

The world is certainly a harsh place to be, in fact, the hardest place to be is not to be in the wild, in solitude, the hardest place to be is to be here among the people, among the living. We are the most dangerous beings, gods, that could shape the future, ruin the past, we are the worst beings, we are the beings that we should be afraid about. Beings that could ruin and destroy souls in a matter of short time, beings that could design worlds and create destruction, but not all, there are some, some in here, out there, that are beings who could help us, who could change us. They are the ones that helps us see what truly lies in the hearts of people.

Don't let the world shape you, shape the world you want it to be. Wake up, you have hands for a reason, you have a brain to function, you're not some kind of lifeform designed to do something then just forever be nothing, you are a being with endless potential, a being of great importance.

I want to find myself a midst all these struggles and heartaches, I want to find myself deep inside my own ideas, my own original thoughts, my own personal virtues. I want to find myself in a place where I have no where else to go but forward to my own dreams. I want to be desperate, desperate for a moment where I can be alone, where I can be myself.

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