Friday, December 6, 2013

To live in my Ideal Community.

  One of my greatest dreams in this world is to live in my ideal community. We all have our own ideal communities, our own set of people and how they interact with each other, our own vision, and ideal of a society.

  Society has an ability to continually and gradually change itself to the way people want it to be. When society changes our own communities adapt, people once again change, places started a new, and government re-established. To be clear, society is a bigger version of community. Society controls the way different people interact with each other, how they build a community together. 

 So what is my own ideal community? Like everyone else, I want my community to be at peace, to be in a clear motion of their objectives and what they want in life. I want everybody in that community to help each other to reach their goals and what they want in life. A community where people are united as one but live different and separated lives from each other. I guess everyone wants this type of community, it is the perfect community to live in, but sad to say, this is just a dream. Can people truly achieve this type of community? Furthermore, can they achieve this type of society?

 In this life or in another, we, the people who live in a community in a certain type of society, always blame the society; always blame others for having such bad lives. This is the sickness of civilization and humanity. Love, hope, grace, faith, religion, all of this things and more, are the reasons why people just can’t create a community in where everyone lives in peace and prosperity, but don’t be mistaken, these same things, are the reasons why we have a community, why we have a society.

 In the end, what we have right now is what we have to live and protect. Fragile as it might be, the same as this world, we will protect what we have, and what we have is this community, this society. Right now, we may be separated greatly, by our differences, but soon, when people enter desperation by which is inevitable, we will see people unite as one, putting differences aside and living together as one. All of the people of a certain society, of a certain community may be different but they have something that they all fear, and that fear is, the fear of oblivion.


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