Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dream: Live in an another planet.

We have been in this planet for hundreds-thousands of years and of course we get tired of it. Yeah, I might not have explored every single inch of this planet, but because now we have sources of information, people talking about their trips to other countries and people talking about their own countries, we already know a little bit of different countries in this world.

Human as we are, we have that sense of adventure and endless thrill. We always strive to know new places, know new things, and meet new creatures. The Earth is too small of a place,even though we might not have yet explored half of it, considering that humanity have not yet explored 75% of our waters/oceans/seas. In the other hand, the universe is so HUGE, with endless distances that cover billions, trillions of miles, different planets that look and feel awesome if we lived in them.
I dream of living in another planet. The Earth is just not enough for me. I mean there's going to be a time when we just have to leave this great sanctuary, this wonderful world with its amazing creatures, and leave everything behind. Start new and start fresh.

There are just so much out there, to see and feel, to have one heck of a ride. When we are able to explore our universe, our universe become small, and we start to ask for something more, that is more universes, then before you even know about it, we already explored other universes. That's how much we love adventure and thrill.

However, let us not forget that we have a home here in Earth, right here and right now. As much as I want to live in another planet(cause I must say, this place is just too small for me.) this planet has become my home and my parents' home and their parents' before that and so on for generations. Our planet provided shelter to  us, despite everything else out there. We learn to love it, we learn to protect it, let's preserve this place for as long as we can, because personally, I love this place than any planet out there in our universe, it's the best place we can be, as of now.

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