Thursday, November 21, 2013

To start off.

We all have dreams. I have mine you have your own. We are all different from each other, but one of the things that makes us all the same is that we dream, constantly, unrelentingly, without rest, without end. We see the whole world in different ways because of our dreams. We want to reach to them to make them a reality, but they don't. Dreams enter a graveyard where they stay forever, we give up, we stay down, we stay in the tunnel with no light, we hope and pray for things to be better.

I look at myself constantly and ask what my dreams are, where I want to be in the future. What I want to happen to the world, my hopes, my romances. The girl I keep dreaming about. All of these things, and many more.

I have a confession to make, and that is, I look at fantasy for my reality. I look at lies for the truth, I believe in things that can never be true, because I know that there is so much in them that makes them so true.

I find so much reality in dreams that I wish I can live in them. I know that all of us want the same thing. Living in our dreams, never waking up, but eventually we do. We look around our room, we look around our classrooms, we look around our world, realizing that we don't belong here. That we were never made to be here.

Let me tell you reality. You don't belong here. Don't stay here, stay in your dreams, that is reality. Live your life the way you want to, keep dreaming, keep going without looking back, without waking up. Only wake up when you think that you can make the dreams you have to come true.

So I'm going to post my dreams here, my realities, what I dream of, what I want to happen with my life, and what I want to happen to the world. In exchange, do the same thing, you don't have to post it here, post it somewhere and do it everyday or as often as you can. Keep dreaming your realities and make them your living reality.

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