Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dream: To become The Batman

Everybody wants to be a hero, a superhero. Fly, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, lightning speed, mind-control, and more. Everybody wants to have superpowers. Personally, I want to become the caped crusader, The world's greatest detective, The Dark Knight, The Batman.

Of all the superheroes why him? Just like you pick your first clothes, your first hairstyle, your first game, all of those are the same idea that came to me when I picked him. I saw him in TV, in one of his cartoons, back in the day, and dear god, he looked AWESOME. That cape, the underwear he was wearing, that amazing symbol of a bat, the color gray and black, all those things made me want to become the Batman. I guess even Superman wants to become Batman, someday. He's just THAT  amazing.

Anyways, as I grew older, I start to know  more about him. A friend of mine told me that he CAN'T fly. That was a serious bummer. He told me that he only "glides" with his so amazing cape that I want. Then more info came to me. People told me that he was only human, with lots of billions of money. He lost his parents to a mugger in the streets and that he was left alone with his Butler. He's not the most amazing person ever either, yeah, he might be rich, but losing your parents like that, well, that just plainly sucks. Just traumatizing, but he changed that, he turned his greatest fears to become his greatest power, and that's how Batman was born.

People are constantly scared, always fearing the things that may or may not kill them. They're too scared to go out of their comfort zone and try something new. Bruce Wayne did something new, human as he is, he became a hero, a superhero. With the help of his fears, his determination, and his idea, he made someone, a symbol, and as a symbol, it can stay, it cannot break, it cannot perish.
Becoming the Batman, didn't just happen overnight. Nope, it happened about after 20 years of his lifetime. Bruce spent his life studying and working out, so he became healthy mentally and physically, and what came with those things is determination and his will, to change Gotham, to make it a place worth living. I won't be able to write down his entire story down here since it'll be too long so let's go directly to the point.

Yeah, The Dark Knight might be fiction, not real, not existing, but I believe in him. You don't have to see what you have to believe, to believe in hope, to have hope in a symbol or an idea, all these things are the same when it comes to a dream. Dream requires determination and will power, those two things are the ones that feeds dreams. I dream to become The Batman.

We can all be heroes in our own ways, and I don't have to expand that topic any further. We can be the hero we want or the villain that we always hated. That is the power of choice.

So have I reached this dream? Slowly but surely I will become The Batman, in the eyes of others I'm human, but in a place where my dreams live and reside, I'm the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, The Batman.

"You either die as a Hero or live long enough and see yourself become the Villain." -Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight

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